Falling During Pregnancy Can Be Harmful, Here's How To Prevent It

Be careful, but pregnant women can still fall. Which is then feared, is the Little One in the womb okay? Or, lest a disturbance occurs in your body. Instead of guessing, first read the facts here. Actually falling during pregnancy is something that can be understood and is very possible. Because, along with changes in the body during pregnancy, the body's center of gravity also changes. This then affects the balance of pregnant women. Various Effects of Falling on Pregnant Women The body of the pregnant woman actually has her own protection to protect the baby from injury, which is a strong abdominal muscles and a cushion in the form of amniotic fluid in the uterus. This minimizes the possibility of injury to the fetus. But you need to be aware of possible complications if you fall in a certain position or fall very hard. Possible complications are: Broken bones in pregnant women. Placental abruption, ie removal of the placenta from the uterine wall. Injury to the fetal s
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